6/12/2011 11:20a


I have a 2001 Expedition XL 4X4 my battery really drains, over night from one day to the next.
Installed is a bandpass speaker box with subs, 2 amps, 3 Farad Capacitor, N2 radio and a 12" drop TV. I`ve tried disconnecting the music system for a few days and it still does the same thing. I`ve had the system installed for 4 years and this has been happening for nearly a year now. I have taken it to a few places and they claimed to have found a short but it still does the same thing so I didn`t have to pay, since my truck left the same way it was taken there.

I don`t want to end up taking it to the dealer because we all know what that means $$$$$

I was going to buy a jump starter instead of using my other car as a starter all the time.

this has become very annoying especially when I`m running on schedule and find my battery dead... bummer..

So any help from with an idea as to what it might be draining my battery would be greatly appreciated.