March 21, 2015

Hey guys, I haven`t posted in a while but I read quite a bit. I still have my 01 Job 1 Sport Trac with the 4.0 V6 with 135,000 miles.

It is not my daily driver so it sits a bit at a time. Recently it sat long enough to kill the battery, so we pulled it out to charge it up. After putting it back in, the ST wouldn`t start.

It will start if I spray starter fluid in the intake, but dies immediately. I have a bit of a hearing problem, but my husband says that he cannot hear the fuel pump when I move the key to ON.

What we have done so far i this.
> Cleaned out the airbox (found a nest of something living there)
> Checked all the fuses and relays in the Power Distro box under the hood. all are good.
> Checked the intertia switch, it all seems good.

Some of my readings says it might be the FPDM. But the article I read was about an F150, so I have to confirm that. where is this item in the ST? It could also be the fuel pump died.

With all that said I have 3 questions.
1. Is there anything else i should check before having to drop the tank to replace the fuel pump?
2. If I have to replace the fuel pump, does it make it any easier to remove the bed of the truck first?
3. Have you guys found that the newer gas with the ethanol is eating the fuel components of these trucks?

Any help is appreciated.