14 weeks ago

Hey, I`ve been gone for a while, but am back now. Still have the same truck, now has 210K mi. I know I am not the only one to experience this, but still do not have an answer or a fix for 4 years now. I spent my every evening on the internet and went into every transmission shop I could find, to no avail, everyone says "Your Chasing A Ghost".

When I leave the driveway and for the first couple miles it shifts like it was brand new. Or if I keep the rpm`s below 2100 then it shifts fine.
Then it starts. 1-2 shift is Great, I can feel the TC Lock-Up ( drops rpms about 200-300 rpm ) then at around 2300 rpm you the truck does not "seem" to continue increasing in speed, but the rpm`s will continue to climb. It seems as though it is hanging there, knowing it should be shifting, but it is not, then from now-where it will SLAM into gear as though you were just rearended, it will hurt your neck, and if it were raining out, the tires will break loose. Then the 3-4 shift is great.

I have had the Valve Body reconditioned ( twice ), I have installed a new valve body, installed a new accumulator body, installed a new solenoid pack, all to no avail. I have cleaned the EBP Tube and renewed the EBP Sensor. I have Renewed the Accelorater Pedal Position Sensor. I have checked as many grounds as I could find. My Tachometer seems to operate fine with no hang-ups or fluctuations. My Speedometer seems to operate fine with no hang-ups or fluctuations. I have not yet changed out the Manual Shift Position Switch. But I have noticed that the Engine Coolant Temp. seems to run Low all the time winter or summer, regardless how far I drive.

I know many sensors aid in determining the transmission shifting, but I do not know them all. I know there MUST Be a Thread in here somewhere, but just cant seem to find it.