March 10, 2011

I`ve got a 1989 F250 with a 351W. I`m about to replace the motor with a 1990 351W. The previous owner of my truck installed headers and eliminated some exhaust sensors in the process. I really dislike the headers, it`s my work truck and I don`t need the extra noise, anyway... my question is could I take the exhaust manifold from my 1983 parts truck and mount it up to the 1990 engine I`m installing? Or will I need to take the one off my 1989 parts truck? The one on the `83 is way easier to access the bolts, and won`t have a bunch of holes I`ll need to plug like the egr on the `89 manifold. The headers are gonna go either way I`m just hoping to take the easy route with the 1983. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.