November 29, 2010

Fuel injected, water cooled, disc brakes, black in color. Has plenty of cargo space under seat for helmets and accesories. Scratch on windshield. Never dropped. Very good condition. Upcoming spinal surgery and that`ll end any riding I can do. I`ve gotten 58mpg. but if you go slower than I have you can get 60 I`m told. Willing to travel up to 3 hrs. away. Takes high test fuel only ( 92 octane and up ). Easily keep up with traffic or leave them in the dust ( it`s up to you ). Weight approx. 430lbs.
I`ll try to find pics but if you search Google for it in black that`s exactly what mine looks like. Specs included on any website. As big as my driver`s Ninja.

God Bless.


Oh yeah..price---$4150.oo neg.