April 18, 2010

Clear tail lights for 97-03 F150. Originally there were all clear. I used VHT Nite Shades tail light transparent tint spray on them. Even # of coats on each light. No runs or anything. They look great. They could be wet sanded down back to clear again, you would just have to polish them after or put on a coat of clear on them.

There is an issue with them. As they are aftermarket they tabs that stick out where the screw goes in were pretty thin. Some of them cracked when i put the screws in. So I ended up putting some duramix plastic weld around the outside of them which is a professional automotive strength product and is rock solid. It`s better than new and won`t crack ever again. Doesn`t affect the lights in any way what so ever.

SOLD - $20 shipped

OEM tail lights for 97-03. Excellent condition.
SOLD - $20 Shipped