March 31, 2009

So I''ve been working on eliminating the egr system. So far the egr valve has been blocked off and the tube plugged. There has been a plug installed to prevent any possible codes. All the intake tubes have been removed along with the AIR valves.

Three things that have become an issue. One, I can''t find a smog pump eliminator bracket that fits. I''ve heard that the Mustang 5.0L bracket may fit Truck 5.8 but have yet to see it done.

Second thing, the crossover tube on the back of the block has a air valve located in the center. Anyone know the thread size for the valve so it can be plugged?

Third and final, I''m told the three sensors along the ignition coil can be eliminated with the right size resistor. I have the resistors and a solder gun to install them but can''t design a good method to protect them from the elements. Any suggestions?

The progress I have made has been good. It has removed several parts and has cleaned up the engine bay a bit. Performance has been unaffected and no codes thrown!

This is for a 94 F150 5.8L with speed density.