July 5, 2007

Can anyone tell me if this hitch looks like the one on your Super Duty from 05 to 07? It is rated at 8700 gross wt and 870 wt tongue which sounds about right for the 5.4 motor. I got this for a buddy of mine for his birthday. He’s got a 2006 5.4 super duty crew cab. It will surprise him, he's been wanting one. I just don't want to be surprise myself and it's not right one. The guy I got it from said it will fit 05 to 07 super duty. I got it for near nothing so I couldn’t pass it up. Here are a couple of pics. So if this looks familiar to you please let me know. The brackets are 19 inches long. Any help will be appreciated. Can't compare it to my 2001 SD. There different. Thx