December 27, 2005

YO!! Trying to get rid of these rims. They are the older version of the rims and aren't perfect, but not damaged at all. They still look awesome and would look good on any F-150/Expy. Two tires are still good but the other two were damamged from driving through construction zones and will need to be replaced. I am not going to lie, the tires are expensive, (roughly 240.00 to 250.00 a tire last time I checked) so I will sell the rims and two decent tires for $500.00. I think it is fair, but if you don't, please make an offer! I will be in Nor-Cal for a couple of more weeks and then heading back to the Ventura area. If interested, please contact me via this site. Thanks! - Chad p.s. The rims are pictured on my truck on my gallery.