August 1, 2005

i konw its the wrong forum but figured someone here might be interested in this forum

price is $300 for this...the center section is off of my truck painted silver and the corner pieces are brand new from sir michaels...

i had to order a whole new kit because i wanted to change my center section to the one without a plate and i couldn't just order the center piece. So next week i will have an entire kit for sale including brand new corner pieces from sir michaels and my silver center section with the plate located in the center. I will also include my license plate light that doesn't come with the kit.

Thats a $100+ plus savings for someone interested in the kit. The center section has nothing wrong with it i just want to change the look of the truck. Let me know if your interested and everything will be ready to ship when i get the package from sir michaels early next week and i'll ship to you in the original box that it comes in.

pics of the center section are in my gallery