May 5, 2012

I realize that NY the state is quite large

I`ve flown to NY city umm 6 times? dont quote me.. and then if need be Id just take taxis, trains, and subways everywhere..

and I realize that most people who live in the greater manhattan area, etc dont usually own trucks...

so if I were to fly to NY this summer,.. to see one of my Uncle`s plays on Broadway could I trade like a ticket or two for a place to stay close to broadway?? I hate spending 200-300bux a nite on a room.. I`ll be honest, I`m on SSI so any money that I spend would be borrowed for the most part..

oh and my uncle has had many plays go into production.. he`s retired from the Houston Chronicle (still lives in Houston) and this would be his first to play on Broadway.. they just got the finances for the play this weekend.. so its prolly a few months from being on stage.. Ive been to see his work in Houston, and I was so proud..

Oh and this play has been on stage in a few other cities already.. in one form or another..