June 17, 2006

Howdy all!
I've decided to change the look of the front of my truck, so I'm swapping these out.
What we have here is a set of LED Halo (Angel eyes) black background headlights with corners (all one piece).
Bought less than 4 months ago, and brought many, many compliments to my truck in shows and such (check out my gallery if you'd like to see the older chrome ones I had before these installed so you can get an idea).
VERY little scratches on the top of the left one, since they were behind a Westin grill guard.
Both have a flame "glass-etched' accent decal along the front bottom. All 4 bulbs are there (use your existing turn sockets, they plug right in, a very simple installation.
Now for the bad news, the left side one has a residue of some sort inside the lens. It's wipeable, but you'd need something long and flexable (no jokes, please! Lol!) to finangle in the holes to wipe them out. ALL LED's work perfectly (14 in all!) as you can see in the pix.
I'd like these to go to another FTW member, but if I don't get any response in about a week, I'll toss them on eBay.
Originally ccost me 150+ 40 shipping (check them out on eBay, the shipping on these is amazing. :p) Stylin' Concepts has these same ones in their catalog for 299.00! I'm asking 130.00 SHIPPED (within the contenental US). I still have the original shipping boxes with foam, so they will get to you without a problem. Any questions, just give me a shout.

ADDED: 6/23/06
Thanks to all who inquired on these, they sold.