April 14, 2006

I hope to find out by saturday afternoon if the job I am wanting is going to happen or not, and packing up and moving all of my things just aint my idea of having fun for sure. I have a bunch of old Bill Elliott nascar collectables that I would like to sell if possible so I don"t have to pack and unpack again. Anyone that is interested in cars ot trucks as well as other collectables that you most likely will not find being sold on ebay can get them from me for prices that will be very reasonable. If you happen to be around the Charlottsville area, I can bring them with me and save the cost of having them shipped to you as well as being able to see the shape that they are in. If it came in a sealed box, then it will still be like it was when it was bought. Anything I own that has been on display has been in clear cases, and I have the original boxes as well as any other packaging it came with. 99% of what I own was purchased by me at the race tracks, or in Nascar shops or stores, and I was very picky about how the boxes looked. So if your looking for things that you are not gonna see everyday, let me know. I can send you pictures showing multiple items that are on display on shelves, and you might just see something you just cannot live without any longer.