December 2, 2015

hello everyone,

been away awhile. my dad(truckman56) frequented this forum with his truck before he passed, i made a few changes to his old truck, and came across an ad on craigslist which has made my daily driver turn back into a project truck

i bought a complete driveline,(2003 harley/1957 f100 project) from craigslist. rebuilt the transmission, beefing up the motor, and performing a few mods, my concerns are swapping wiring from the 2003 to the 1997 and reetaining as much functionability of the 1997 truck as possible, has any one done this?

im very capable of this job, im an ase master tech at a dodge dealer, so my ford knowledge is good but not as great as my dodge knowledge, kinda need a idea of what i need to swap and switch over, what to keep. heres some pics of my truck now and what i bought, ill send more pics of progress soon
looking forward to responses, ideas, and suggestions. Untitled