July 22, 2015

Hey guys new to the forum and need some help. I just got a 99 f-150 with a 4.6 5sp and 4x4. I`m having a problem with the throttle when starting from a stop. I touch the peddle and get no response then it will jump to 2000 rpm. When I`ll I`m trying to get is 1000 rpm or so. It`s incredibly irritating. This also becomes a problem trying to go slow in 1st with foot completely off the clutch and I touch the gas to be just off idle and it will jump like a pogo stick. And yes I can drive a manual lol. Iv owned two 4.2 6 cyl and this was never an issue. Is this just the way they are or where should I be looking? Iv already cked all the motor mounts and tranny mounts and all are good. Please help a guy out!