March 7, 2011

Got home from work Friday, truck was running fine. Started her up this morning and she was running rough. I gave her a minute incase it was weather related, put her in drive and everything started shaking. Put her back in neutral and you could feel a slight vibration, so I put her in drive again and eased her down the driveway. She ran rough and vibrated, but didn`t die, so I took her around the block, still running rough. So I figured I may as well go to work (less than five miles away), if she died then I was calling for a tow anyway. Up to 35-40, she smoothed out a little and only acted up when i gave her more gas. Took her up to 50, and she was not enjoying it, neither was I... got to work, and was surprised there wasn`t a check engine light on. About mid day we went out and started her up, and for a minute she smoothed out to normal, only to start running rough again. I took off early from work, went to an auto parts house and got her scanned.
Came up as a miss on #3, but this is more than a miss. While talking tothe guy I walked around to the exhaust, and it smelled like rotten eggs. After doing some research, this can be normal if you get gas with a higher level of sulfur in it. Since this is the first time ever for this truck to do it, I wasn`t really sure. Called the dealer, new cats 1230 and 834, LOL! Called Midas, and they told me to bring her in, and they`ll scan her, and change out both cats for under 450.
I am not sure why this happened over night (two nights) but it was a shocker.
I am hoping the cats fix it, I have seen some posts similar but none to seem to have been resolved.