August 22, 2007

My wifes did the below, this is something she posted on the Mustang Forums so I figure I would copy/paste it here as well looking for help.

"Ok, so I'm going down the road and BLAM, something blows and my car is misfiring like crazy. I gimp it along to the mechanic, who finds that the coil pack on cylinder 5 blew completely off along with the spark plug. After another hour, they find that it has completely bored out the aluminum casing inside the cylinder (threads are completely stripped).

Has anyone run into this before? Or do you know of a TSB or recall related to this? This really doesn't make any sense in how it happened, and my mechanic and I are trying to find ANYTHING to avoid ripping the whole engine out.

I've got a 2001 GT, stock 4.6L no mods"