August 16, 2007

Ok, I have a question on where I can LEGALLY mount Amber Clearance lights. I bought two of them at Wal-Mart. I know I know. But, hey where I live nobody has that high of a class car or truck and the accessories usually are not that expensive either. Now I finally am getting my licence in November. I'm 15 and I pretty much teach myself how to wire and fix what needs fixin'(and also what doesn't but who doesn't tinker around with their vehicle?) So I brought the lights home and I wired the two of them on the rear bumper on either side of the licence plate. So I could really use some help. If it is just a state law I live in Iowa. And if I need to make them legal by tapping into the rear blinkers or into another series. Please let me know. Also Is it legal to have lights in the bed of the truck? They are just two small accessory lights on the inside above the wheel wells.

M@c D@ddy~ GMguyWITHaFORDtruck